Winnie The Pooh

Age: 2 Years to 3 Years

This class caters for 20 – 25 children and are the bridging class from the Barney class to the Busy Bee class. Teacher and child minder.

This class forms part of the “Big School”. They start taking part in outside activities and receives a rapport every 2nd term.

We supply the following:
All meals as well as jelly, sandwiches and cool drinks
Clean purifying water
Kiddies bakery – once a week
We focus on the following aspects:
Body image
Social development
Gross-motor control development
Fine-motor control development
Auditory development
Hand/Eye/feet co-ordination
Music and rhythm
Visual perception
Crossing of middle line
Touch perception
Colour and shape observation

Requirements for The Winnie The Pooh class:

  • Blanket in the winter (marked)
  • Extra clothes for your toddler (marked)
  • Stationery as per list
  • Snack – small healthy snack ( no sweets are allowed)