Age: 4 Years to 5 Years

This class is known as Grade 00 and works in their first formal workbook. Teacher, assistant and child minder.

This class is known as Grade 00 and works hard in their work books. This group benefits from the following outside activities:
Gymnastics, Ballet, Computer, Swim and Maths.

We supply the following:
All meals as well as jelly, sandwiches and cool drinks
Clean purifying water
Kiddies bakery – once a week
We focus on the following aspects:
Body image
Big Gross-motor control development
Fine-motor control development
Visual perception
Auditory development
Mathematical development
Language development

Requirements for the Noddy class:

  • Blanket in the winter (marked)
  • Extra clothes for your toddler (marked)
  • Stationery as per list
  • Snack – small healthy snack ( no sweets are allowed)